Significant Environment Information


Significant Environment Information

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Fabio Corubolo, Anna-Grit Eggers

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Access, Change management planning, Discovery, Metadata extraction


Christine Sauter




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Explaining the notion of Significant Environment Information (SEI), “dependency” and methods to measure SEI in the context of sheer curation.

Expected learning outcomes

Understanding the idea behind and the importance of significant environment  information for digital  preservation and long-term reuse.

What is the target audience?

  • Professionals and prospective professionals in the field of data curation, repository management and digital preservation.
  • Producers/depositors of digital content.
  • Researchers exploring solutions for data management and digital preservation
  • Teachers/trainers in this field
  • Solution providers for organisations in demand of solutions for data / repository management and digital preservation

Level of advancement/ prerequisites

This section provides reading material which looks at the current state of the art of the  research  done on the questions surrounding significant environment information. Therefore this will be of  interest for teachers and researchers as input for their own work or class preparation in the field of metadata.

Material chapters

  1. A parallel between SEI and environment in Biological Ecosystems (text)
  2. Dependencies – why they are important to know (text)
  3. Significant Environment Information (SEI) (text)
  4. How to measure significance? (text)
  5. Supplementary information sources

Time required for completion

45-60 min

​Supplementary reading

Corubolo, F., Eggers, A., Ludwig J., Hasan A., Hedges M., Waddington S. (2014). A pragmatic approach to significant environment information collection to support object reuse. (Deliverable D4.1 of the PERICLES project).

Ludwig, J., Biermann, J., Waddington, S., Carter, A., Gill, A. (2014). Initial report on preservation ecosystem management (Deliverable D5.1 of the PERICLES project).

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