Introduction to the notion of sheer curation


Introduction to the notion of sheer curation

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PERICLES, Fabio Corubolo

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An introduction to the notion of sheer curation was collated from relevant reading material. It gives background information to the issues addressed by sheer curation and the pros and cons.

Expected learning outcomes

Understanding the notion of sheer curation. A basis for understanding the motivation of tools that support sheer curation.

What is the target audience?

Digital object creators or re-users.

Professionals and prospective professionals in the field of data curation, repository management and digital preservation.

Producers/depositors of digital content.

Researchers exploring solutions for data management and digital preservation. Teachers/trainers in this field.

Solution providers for organisations in demand of solutions for data / repository management and digital preservation

Level of advancement/ prerequisites

Basic understanding of data management workflows.

Material chapters

Why sheer curation?

Current state of the discussion (2014)

When to curate?


Time required for completion

30 min reading

​Supplementary reading

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