DPTP Online 2016: digital preservation for beginners


DPTP Online 2016: digital preservation for beginners

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DPTP Online is an entry-level course aimed at complete beginners who wish to learn more about the field.

Expected learning outcomes

The course is a starting point. It passes on awareness of subjects that need to be investigated in more depth, so those attending can expect a good deal of further reading afterwards and practical follow-up training / experience on their own behalf.

DPTP Online comprises a mix of learning methods, quizzes, exercises, and forums.While we anticipate the Course may take around 3-5 days to complete, there is no time limit, and you can work on it in your own time. We have used the quizzes as teaching aids, and their outcome will not count towards a passing grade.

When you complete the Course, you can download a certificate of attendance. Thereafter DPTP Online course content will be available to you indefinitely.

Level of advancement/ prerequisites

The course is ideal for starters in all disciplines who want to know more about digital preservation, gain confidence, and feel enabled to start working with digital preservation. It contains all the content previously taught on the award-winning 2-day face-to-face Course DPTP: An Introduction to Digital Preservation, and more.

Material chapters

  1. Welcome to the Course
  2. Definitions of Digital Preservation, and disambiguation of terms
  3. Some fundamental facts about Digital Preservation
  4. Standards of Digital Preservation
  5. The Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model: The Broad View
  6. OAIS: Review of the functional entities
  7. Approaches to Digital Preservation
  8. Preservation Planning, and Tools that can help
  9. Defining and Understanding The User Community
  10. Legal Issues affecting Digital Preservation
  11. Risk Management and Risk Assessment
  12. Risks specific to Digital Preservation
  13. The Trusted Digital Repository Standard, and Audit Tools
  14. Self-Assessment Toolkits and their role in Strategic Planning
  15. OAIS: A detailed workflow for digital preservation
  16. What are File Formats?
  17. Tools for File Formats
  18. Metadata types, and their uses for digital preservation
  19. Storage configuration for Digital Preservation
  20. Cloud Storage for Digital Preservation
  21. Access Platforms: an overview of available technologies
  22. Available Digital Preservation Technologies: an overview

Time required for completion

3-5 days

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