PRESERVEWARE is free for the public to browse. Downloads are subject to indicated licence conditions for every item of content. See also Privacy Policy and How to Contribute to Preserveware.

You can either use the free search by entering a keyword of your choice or use the filters explained below.

  1. Choose a content type (Tools, Publications or Training material) on the homepage or the browse tab.
  2. Select one or more categories (adapted from the DCC lifecycle model)
  3. Select one or more keywords related to the category chosen.
  4. Choose one of the results in the list
  5. Consult the landing page

You will either be able to download and view content, or be provided with a link to the described result. You may click on other material types for this specific result if available.

Example: you search for metadata extractors in “Tools & Documentation” and choose one entry from the list. After having read the relevant page, you may wish to see what training material exists for that tool. There is a quick link – if existent – to this material.


Recent  Entries

You will be presented with a list of recent entries, colour-coded for their type of content.