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Protecting and Preserving Long-Term Digital Information for IT Professionals & Practitioners Webinar

How and why organizations are using digital preservation to ensure digital information with long-term value can be found, used and trusted into the future – and explains how digital preservation differs from other approaches such as back-ups, archiving and content management systems.

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Introduction to Recordkeeping Continuum Thinking

A webinar as part of a meeting with Barbara Reed presenting the records continuum model and the theory behind it

An introduction to OAIS

Introducing OAIS – Open Archival Information System

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Introduction into digital archiving and preservation

An introductory glance at where preservation fits into the data lifecycle of research data, the reasons to preserve data and pros and cons of different preservation media.

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Things Change: Conservation and display of Time-based Media Art

TATE conservators explain a range of issues related to the challenges of conserving and displaying time-based media art

Patricia Falcao, Pip Laurenson, John McNeil, Simon Tegala
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Introduction to Image Annotation

Introduction to the background of image annotation.

Introduction to the PROPheT

PROPheT is a novel application that enables instance extraction and ontology population from Linked Open Data (LOD) sources, such as DBpedia and Europeana, through a user-friendly graphical user interface

Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology

To develop a deeper understanding of what ontologies are, how they work and how they are created, the following guide is an excellent place to start. Using ‘wine’ as a case study, it takes the reader through the steps (and approaches) associated with creating an ontology. As well as reading the guide, it is recommended […]

Semantics and DP: basic concepts, theories, and trends

A glance at the problem of meaning and its connection via information to digital preservation.

Evolving Semantics: Ontology Evolution & Semantic Drifts

Introduction to the notions of evolving semantics and semantic drift and discusses how ontology evolution could serve as a means for measuring drifts in semantics.