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Contextualised semantics – a background

An overview of the main issues involved in the annotation of digital objects as well as an appreciation of technologies to aid this process.

Vector fields: a new approach to evolving semantics

A glance into open-ended research questions and an ongoing effort to model semantic change on a vector field.

Semantic Technologies and Digital Preservation

Discussing the relationship between Digital Preservation and semantic technologies, and the role played by the latter towards alleviating some of the problems faced by the former.

Policy management using the Policy Editor

In this module, which contains a presentation and a demo-video, the PERICLES Policy Editor will be introduced, including its main features, rationale and architecture

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Technical Appraisal Tool

How automated support for appraisal could enhance and complement the human decision-making process and contribute to long-term preservation, dealing with the challenge of continuous change.

Simon Waddington, King's College Lonon, Christine Sauter, Linda Ligios, Jun Zhang
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