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Access, use and reuse (4)
Make sure data is accessible to designated users for access, use and reuse.
Create (10)
Create data and metadata.
Dispose (0)
Dispose of data in accordance with documented policies, guidance or legal requirements.
Ingest (5)
Prepare for transfer and transfer data into a digital repository.
Preservation Planning (20)
Preservation planning throughout the lifecycle of the digital material to ensure long-term preservation for re-use.
Store (1)
Transfer data to an archive, repository following any predefined workflows and policies for long-term preservation.
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A Tool to Extract Environment Information: The PERICLES Extraction Tool (PET)

A comprehensible narrative on how the PET works in form of a blog. Check out the demo screencast in the supplementary reading.

Anna-Grit Eggers
Open Access
Significant Environment Information

Explaining the notion of Significant Environment Information (SEI), “dependency” and methods to measure SEI in the context of sheer curation.

Fabio Corubolo, Anna-Grit Eggers
Open Access
From Metadata to Environment Information

Extraction from a project deliverable, collated to explain different types or sources for metadata that might be relevant for preservation, access and re-use of digital objects.

Fabio Corubolo, Anna-Grit Eggers, PERICLES
Open Access
Introduction to the notion of sheer curation

An introduction to the notion of sheer curation was collated from relevant reading material. It gives background information to the issues addressed by sheer curation and the pros and cons.

PERICLES, Fabio Corubolo
Open Access
The Digital Ecosystem Modelling Game

This is a game for modelling digital ecosystems. It can be used for a first planning of digital ecosystem models, as discussion aid, or as general learning material for digital ecosystems.