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Access, use and reuse (4)
Make sure data is accessible to designated users for access, use and reuse.
Create (10)
Create data and metadata.
Dispose (0)
Dispose of data in accordance with documented policies, guidance or legal requirements.
Ingest (5)
Prepare for transfer and transfer data into a digital repository.
Preservation Planning (20)
Preservation planning throughout the lifecycle of the digital material to ensure long-term preservation for re-use.
Store (1)
Transfer data to an archive, repository following any predefined workflows and policies for long-term preservation.
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Vector fields: a new approach to evolving semantics

A glance into open-ended research questions and an ongoing effort to model semantic change on a vector field.

Vectors and matrices: word meaning for advanced access

Introduction into the core ideas to represent word meaning by vectors, including a respective match between linguistics and information science.

Semantics and DP: basic concepts, theories, and trends

A glance at the problem of meaning and its connection via information to digital preservation.

Evolving Semantics: Ontology Evolution & Semantic Drifts

Introduction to the notions of evolving semantics and semantic drift and discusses how ontology evolution could serve as a means for measuring drifts in semantics.

Semantic Technologies and Digital Preservation

Discussing the relationship between Digital Preservation and semantic technologies, and the role played by the latter towards alleviating some of the problems faced by the former.

The Semantic Web & the Emergence of Ontologies

Introduction to emerging paradigm of the Semantic Web and the core underlying technologies, in particular ontologies.

Policy management using the Policy Editor

In this module, which contains a presentation and a demo-video, the PERICLES Policy Editor will be introduced, including its main features, rationale and architecture

Open Access
Digital Ecosystem Modelling

This is a video introducing the notion of Digital Ecosystems and the basic Digital Ecosystem Model, followed by a screencast demonstrating the tool EcoBuilder providing support in creating digital ecosystem models.

Johannes Biermann, Anna-Grit Eggers, Christine Sauter, Linda Ligios, Universität Göttingen, King's College London, Adam Carter
Open Access
Technical Appraisal Tool

How automated support for appraisal could enhance and complement the human decision-making process and contribute to long-term preservation, dealing with the challenge of continuous change.

Simon Waddington, King's College Lonon, Christine Sauter, Linda Ligios, Jun Zhang
Open Access
DPTP Online 2016: digital preservation for beginners

DPTP Online is an entry-level course aimed at complete beginners who wish to learn more about the field.

Closed Access