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Here you can find IT solutions for digital preservation tasks such as tools, components, models and more, along with documentation, user guidelines, demos, codes.

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Access, use and reuse (19)
Make sure data is accessible to designated users for access, use and reuse.
Create (24)
Create data and metadata.
Dispose (2)
Dispose of data in accordance with documented policies, guidance or legal requirements.
Ingest (25)
Prepare for transfer and transfer data into a digital repository.
Preservation Planning (27)
Preservation planning throughout the lifecycle of the digital material to ensure long-term preservation for re-use.
Store (3)
Transfer data to an archive, repository following any predefined workflows and policies for long-term preservation.
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Topic detection framework

We make available a framework that contains Java implementations of various topic detection methods:


QCTools (Quality Control Tools for Video Preservation) is a free and open source software tool that helps users analyze and understand their digitized video files through use of audiovisual analytics.

Model Impact Change Explorer (MICE)

MICE is responsible for visualizing the impact of change applied to an entity (model, resource, policy) and for requesting the user to accept or reject the change

Open Source
PROPheT Ontology Populator

PROPheT enables instance extraction and ontology population from Linked Data.

PERICLES Extraction Tool (PET)

The PERICLES Extraction Tool (PET) is an open source framework that captures information about the environment in which digital objects are created and modified. It is a sheer curation tool supporting the integration of curation activities into the workflows of content creators in a lightweight way without interfering with the creation processes and by leaving […]