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A pragmatic approach to significant environment information collection to support object reuse

This paper introduces the concept of Significant Environment Information (SEI), which takes into account the dependencies of the digital object on external information for specific purposes and significance weights. This information supports object use and reuse, e.g. for a better long-term preservation of data. The paper also introduces the PERICLES Extraction Tool (PET), an open […]

Corubolo, Fabio, Grit Eggers, Anna, Hedges, Mark, Waddington, Simon, Hasan, Adil, Ludwig, Jens
Open Access
An Ontology Design Pattern for Digital Video

The paper proposes an Ontology Design Pattern (ODP) for modelling digital video resources, which was developed in the context of the PERICLES domain ontologies for Art & Media. The ODP can be found at this address:

Panagiotis Mitzias, Marina Riga, Simon Waddington, Efstratios Kontopoulos, Georgios Meditskos, Pip Laurenson, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
Open Access
Monitoring Term Drift Based on Semantic Consistency in an Evolving Vector Field

The paper presents key outcomes of the PERICLES project in the area of semantic drift and, more specifically, proposes a novel methodology for monitoring semantic drifts and for evaluating the semantic consistency of clusters of terms.

Peter Wittek, Sándor Darányi, Efstratios Kontopoulos, Theodoros Moysiadis, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
Closed Access
Ontology-based Representation of Context of Use in Digital Preservation

The paper proposes a novel, ontology-based representation for modelling context and use-context of digital resources in the digital preservation field. At the core of the proposed representation lies the Linked Resource Model (LRM), an upper ontology for modelling dependencies between digital objects.

Efstratios Kontopoulos, Marina Riga, Panagiotis Mitzias, Stelios Andreadis, Thanos G. Stavropoulos, Nikolaos Lagos, Jean-Yves Vion-Dury, Georgios Meditskos, Patricia Falcão, Pip Laurenson, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
Open Access
Studying the Cohesion Evolution of Genes Related to Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Using Semantic Similarity in Gene Ontology and Self-Organizing Maps

This paper offers an interesting overview on the application of some of PERICLES results in the biomedicine domain. In particular, this publication deploys an ontology-based semantic similarity combined with self-organizing maps for studying the temporal evolution of cohesion among Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) -related genes and the extracted information. More information on the open-source tool […]

Efstratios Kontopoulos, Theodoros Moysiadis, Maria Tsagiopoulou, Sándor Darányi, Peter Wittek, Nikos Papakonstantinou, Stavroula Ntoufa, Georgios Meditskos, Kostas Stamatopoulos, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
Open Access
Digital Preservation Based on Contextualized Dependencies

This paper proposes a method that considers the preservation of a number of interdependent digital entities, including documents, in conformance with context related information. A change that influences one of these objects can be propagated to the rest of the objects via analysis of their represented dependencies.

Lagos, Nikolaos, Vion-Dury, Jean-Yves
Closed Access
User-Driven Ontology Population from Linked Data Sources

Populating ontologies manually is a time-consuming and error-prone task and, thus, research has shifted its attention to automatic ontology population methodologies. The paper presents PROPheT, a novel ontology population tool for retrieving instances from Linked Data sources and subsequently inserting them into an OWL ontology. The tool offers entirely novel ontology population functionality to a […]

Panagiotis Mitzias, Marina Riga, Efstratios Kontopoulos, Thanos G. Stavropoulos, Stelios Andreadis, Georgios Meditskos, Ioannis (Yiannis) Kompatsiaris
Closed Access
The PERICLES Process Compiler: Linking BPMN Processes into Complex Workflows for Model-Driven Preservation in Evolving Ecosystems

Understanding and reusing archived digital information after a decade of technological advancements, constant developments and changes to software and hardware is a very complex and time consuming task. Without a clear documentation and records of changes, research on the creation and modification of information systems and its associated data is almost impossible. To ease these […]

Noa Campos-López, Oliver Wannenwetsch
Closed Access
Semantic Integration of Web Data for International Investment Decision Support

In this paper, a decision support system that semantically aggregates information from many heterogeneous web resources and provides guidance to SMEs for their potential investments, is presented.

Boyan Simeonov
Open Access
Drop Video File(s) Here: The Emergence of Free Quality Control Tools for Video Preservation

This paper covers the evolution of QCtools and its role as an open source solution for moving image archivists

Benjamin H. Turkus
Open Access