Who is behind PRESERVEWARE?

PRESERVEWARE was created on the initiative of the PERICLES EU project in FP7 (http://www.pericles-project.eu/) on digital preservation. Though PRESERVEWARE aims at securing the unrestricted, long term knowledge-transfer of all the results of PERICLES, it endeavours to encompass a compilation of numerous  tools and resources from other projects and initiatives within the preservation community. We aspire for a community-driven undertaking, where  users connect, engage and interact with teams, individuals, related research projects, institutions and companies interested in contributions or research in data preservation.

  • Hosting is kindly provided by DOTSOFT SA.
  • Content is provided by any user interested to contribute.


My software is not open source. Can I list it on PRESERVEWARE and what are the benefits?

PRESERVEWARE also accepts proprietary solutions. It can host your presentations, documentation, use case scenarios and contact points. Interested members of our community can comment and try to reach you for additional information. The benefit for you is to be able to invite the community to contact you for more information.


Do I have to upload my open source code on PRESERVEWARE?

You can, but it is not mandatory. You can upload your code here (see our restrictions in terms of size for uploads) but you may also keep your code in open source repositories such as GitHub and link your Preserveware listing to those.


What can I contribute?

You can contribute IT solutions (tools, models, components etc.) and related information, training material, research output or other publications relevant for the preservation community. Naturally, preservation touches other areas, which can be included here. The other editors in your area should decide whether something which appears beyond scope might be of interest to the preservation community. You may however, only upload what you legally are allowed to upload, as well as  ensure that users are aware of any legal constraints.


What are the size  limitations when uploading code directly on PRESERVEWARE?

File contributions that are below the limit of 1 GB per contribution (i.e. for a tool) are hosted for free in PRESERVEWARE. Heavier loads need to be discussed with the site manager (DOTSOFT SA) and might involve a contribution towards covering server costs. Text that describes the contribution (e.g. description, installation instructions etc) are not calculated for this limit.


I have already my IT solutions loaded on GitHub, why should I upload it on PRESERVEWARE?

Your clients or the target users of your tool might not be familiar with GitHub. They would need guidance on how to find it. PRESERVEWARE does not intend to compete with GithHub, but to offer an additional channel of information and a pointer into finding your tool on GitHub. Should you wish to reach the intended user groups in the most effective way, we would advise you to remain on GitHub, but to also upload a link and additional information material on PRESERVEWARE.


What does it cost?

Using and contributing to PRESERVEWARE is free of charge. We do not broker or offer any form of business transactions, but this means that we are restricted in what we can do. We need community-shared commitment: to keep the portal going and interesting, to disseminate it, to upload content, to take over minor editorial tasks, to share your experience. We are also limited in terms of server space: if you want to exceed the maximum upload size, you would need to cover the extra space yourself.