PRESERVEWARE is a community-led portal related on IT and research solutions in the field of digital preservation. In this context, the term “community” encompasses the “problem owners”, the “solution seekers” and the “solution providers”. The characteristics of those groups differ widely regarding their requirements, challenges, proficiency, nature of digital assets and repositories, as well as legal, organisational and financial operating frameworks.


PRESERVEWARE aims to foster knowledge transfer and exchange on digital preservation related IT solutions, be they ready for use, in the making, or in need of adaptation or development. From open source to proprietary products, from research approaches to implemented and tested practices, PRESERVEWARE aspires to support the community and to stimulate feedback and take-up or testing of tools and ideas.


There exist excellent portals and initiatives catering for digital preservation, the majority of which offer a wide range of services and facilitate participatory knowledge exchange. While these platforms focus on keeping the community informed (upcoming or recent events, recent research, current best practices) and involved in discussions, it is often the case that IT solutions and exchange of knowledge and good practice between IT experts and preservation practitioners is not their main objective and therefore not satisfactorily covered. In many cases, this is due to paid membership constraints and/or to the narrow range of tools presented. The latter is usually encountered in initiatives born out of specific projects. PRESERVEWARE addresses the preservation community and offers openly available information on IT solutions and research results, without access restrictions or paid membership obligations.